How to Get the Perfect Fit

To get the best fit and eliminate the need for returns, please measure and check our size chart before ordering. Always use our measuring info because the measurements listed were taken using this technique. This is very specific to our store, so when purchasing here, please do not use measuring instructions from other stores or articles. Likewise, the info here is not guaranteed to carry over to other stores!

ALWAYS USE A FABRIC OR PAPER TAPE MEASURE Metal construction tape measures don't yield accurate results when bent to conform around a dog's body. The feel and the noise may also scare your dog and make him or her fearful of unknown objects or even of being handled.  If you don't have a fabric or paper tape measure, please refer to our PRINTABLE TAPE MEASURE!  (Be sure to choose landscape format when printing).

Another option is to use a piece of string or rope. Mark your measurements off, then lay the string or rope flat and measure with a metal tape or ruler. 



BEGIN WITH PUTTING YOUR DOG IN A STANDING POSITION. If your dog is sitting, laying, rolling, jumping, play bowing etc, the readings will not be accurate. This is best when done with 2 humans--one to hold the pup's attention (preferably with delicious treats) while the other does the measuring. Keep it positive, fun and low energy. Use a quiet voice and if your dog is concerned about this new type of handling, take a break and let him or her walk it off, then try again.  



1. LENGTH: Place one end of the tape at the base of the back of the neck (imagine where a loose collar would rest), run the tape straight along the spine and take the measurement right before the tail begins (many dogs have a wide indentation there).

2. NECK: Wrap the tape measure around your dog's neck, slightly above the base

3. RIBCAGE GIRTHKeep your dog in standing position. This is the most important measurement for our deep-chested dogs! Looking at your from the side, locate the widest part of the ribcage and wrap your measuring tape around it, keeping the tape measure flat against the body. but not tight



* If your dog's ribcage and neck are closer to the top number of the range for a size, size up for that signature slouchy look and maximum comfort. We designed our clothes to be worn loose without risk of having it slide off or get in the way during potty breaks. So don't be afraid to go big!